Remedial & Triggerpoint

BK massage aims to asses and treat clients from a holistic background considering the whole body and certain muscle groups, targeting the source of pain, relieving muscle tension and to aid the release of nerves to improve range of motion to restore the body back to balance.

Remedial massage and trigger point therapy may assist in relieving pain & discomfort from tight muscles caused by incorrect posture, repetitive movements, long or short term injuries, etc.


What conditions can this help with?:

Sciatica & Nerve pain (numbness tingling sensations)


Back pain

Muscle cramps, Tightness or soreness

Neck, Shoulder pain & dysfunction

Lower back & hip issues

Arthritis & Tendonitis

Limited range of motion


What are the benefits?:

By targeting specific muscles issues and pain referral patterns remedial massage and trigger point therapy can help relieve pain to increase mobility and improve range of motion, this allows muscles and joints to move freely with ease and comfort.


Who can benefit from Remedial Massage? (Anybody!)

Practically anybody can benefit from a remedial massage, office workers, runners, gym members etc. Anybody that is in a prolonged position, this could be in a work environment (office desk, standing for prolonged times), home environment (ill/injured/ house bound) and lifestyle. There are many aliments that remedial massage may help manage and assist pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis, nerve issues etc. The body may have a muscle issue causing cramps or sending pain referral patterns, remedial massage can help.


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