Corporate & Events

Corporate Massage, Events and Volunteering

At BK Massage we are experienced in corporate and event massage, providing staff massage for health and wellness from big companies to small business. We offer affordable massage packages for businesses and events ranging from 2-6 hours arranged as one off event or weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly packages available.


Why corporate massage?

An excellent way to reward staff and let them feel appreciated, motivated, and relaxed.

OH&S has been recognised in the office, massage can help aid posture from neck and shoulder to lower back and hand/wrist dysfunction, and this may help lower stress and work related injury.

Add massage to employee health and wellness events and meetings.


How corporate massage works!

Massage can be easily incorporated into the any office work space or event, at the desk, in a supportive massage chair or on a comfortable massage table.


At Desk Massage

The benefit of at-desk massage is the staff member stays at their desk and receives a neck and shoulder massage from qualified massage therapist whilst moving freely and quietly around the office from client to client.

Recommend time 5-10minutes suitable for larger groups, minimum of 2 hours.


Add a Massage Chair

Add that extra bit of comfort with a massage chair, set up in a small quiet area or corner of the room, client sits completely supported and fully clothed this allows for privacy and comfort, the massage therapist can access the lower back using a massage chair and the client to completely relax. Recommend time 10-15 minutes suitable for small or large businesses and companies, corporate event and meeting. Minimum 2 hours.


Bring the Massage Table

Let your staff de-stress on a massage table, set up in a quiet room, using compression massage this allows the client to relax and remain completely clothed and covered for privacy and comfort levels. ( massage oil can be requested)

Recommend time 10-20 minutes, suitable for small to large group. Minimum 2 hours.


Times are flexible and may vary on the amount of people and can be allocated on a time sheet.

A travel charge may apply for extra distance.


Contact us for our corporate package bookings and pricing.